Isis Women Arts is a collective of woman-identified individuals present to empower, foster, and promote creative and artistic expression. We value creativity, diversity, community, openness, and awareness.

Isis Women Arts executes this mission by:

– Producing annual festivals showcasing woman-identified artists and enriching the experience of the audiences that attend.

– Organizing workshops, lectures, discussions, and classes to promote artists’ growth, business skills, and creativity.

– Connecting local artists to each other and to opportunities.

-Building community through the aforementioned events and via online social presence.

As creative beings, we are guided “to be open hearted, as much as we can, to allow ourselves to be inspired & connected with participants of the festival. Do not be afraid to lose fame & recognition, but always strive for art, humanity & its integrity.”

“The Goddess Isis is ‘the head boss lady of everything,’ like nature, death, motherhood, fertility.”

“We don’t exclude anyone but we focus on woman-identified people.”


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Seattle community-building collective for woman-identified artists. We are "artistic goddesses shattering the mold."