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Call for Artists is now open for the 8th Annual Women Arts Festival!

golden-isisLast year’s festival at the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle was a whirlwind of dance  and vocal performances in one room and  a visual art showcase in the other. Participants and guests met and mingled to celebrate women-identified self-expression in true Goddess fashion!

This year, we will be at the Mokedo Art Gallery and Event Space on Saturday, April 22nd to continue the celebration and vital conversation. Now more than ever, building strong arts communities is key to visibility. Isis Women Arts is committed to creating a safe performance and event space for trans and cis women artists’ talents to be seen and heard.

The Call for Artists is now officially open! Remember, the Deadline is March 15th , and will be here before you know it, so get those applications to us as early as you can. We at the Goddess Collective can’t wait to see what you are creating this year!

We are taking over Indiegogo!

Not really but Isis Women Arts has launched an Indiegogo campaign and we really would like your support. Since its inception, the Isis Women Arts Festival has been built off the blood, sweat, tears and pockets of our dear director, Kathryn Hightower. Though each festival has been a success with a large turnout, the expenses have been hefty. This is why we have launched our campaign. To keep the festival going and to sustain our operations, we desire financial backing. We are not a profit agency but a collective present to support and empower the woman artist. We have a vision to increase not only our festival but to continue to build community throughout the year with workshops. It’s a part of our mission. It is who we are. As singer-songwriter Paula Cole once stated, “I hope and believe we are paving a better future for female artists to come.”  Isis Women Arts hopes and believes this as well. Do you? Would you be so willing to give today?