Upcoming Events

Chat, Chew, and Check-In: Fall Goal-Setting Potluck

Come share good food and company! At this casual potluck event we will welcome autumn and set goals, artistic or otherwise, for the incoming season. Facilitator Miranda Veenhuysen will lead a simple ceremony to welcome the fall, small group activities to break the ice and set goals, and a discussion about strategies, and obstacles. We will also arrange with a partner to periodically check-in about our progress after the event . Please bring a dish to share and an idea about the goals on which you might want to focus. Plates, cups, and flatware will be provided.

Facilitator: Miranda Veenhuysen

Save The Date:  September 26, 2015 Time: 3:30-5:30pm  Place: Beacon Hill Library Meeting Room Cost: FREE

Creativi-TEA: Using Tea as Inspiration for Painting and Drawing

We’ll have a cuppa tea, maybe two or even three. Whether it soothes your soul or ignites the fire, may the tea be your muse and guide during this three hour painting journey.  Paint, paper, brushes, tea, and cups will be provided.

Facilitator:  Darnita Howard

Save The Date: November 14, 2015 Time: 2-5 pm Place: Genesis Global Spiritual Center -Burien WA Cost: $20

Winter Blues: Approach the Funk, Get into the Groove.

Every winter, people get SAD. Even people who are not diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder are overcome with depression at this time of year. The cold, crisp air starts to wear on their bones, and the distant sun stops their vitamin D production in its tracks. The holiday season sends stress hormones circulating through the bloodstream. People don’t know how to dump these chemicals from their system, and the feeling of anxiety persists throughout the season. However, unlike any other time of year, fairies of frost and snowflake dance across the white winter sunlight. Prisms of color bounce off of rippling mud puddles. With this presentation, I want to honor my own sadness and that of others, not by avoiding it or coloring it with a positive light, but by approaching it and going right through it. I want to allow myself to be melodramatic and yet real. I want to laugh at my sadness. I want to feel the beauty in the winter chill. I want to imagine brightly colored birds alighting on tall, green palm trees with the hot sun beating down on my dancing skin. I want to love and hate the winter blues.

I’ll be singing the blues and dancing the indigo mood, and I’ll be singing the sunlight and dancing the seaweed. Join me!

Facilitator: Kathryn Hightower

Save The Date: January 9, 2016 Time: 2-4pm Place: TBD Cost: Suggested Donation $10


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